Latest Gear : Wi-Fi Repeater

Have you ever had trouble getting a Wi-Fi connection at your house or in your work place because the Wi-Fi connection is out of reach?  Of course, we do not want this to happen because the limited access range of the Wi-Fi signal.  But for some reasons, we often experience the trouble to get Wi-Fi connection that is out of reach.  If we put the PC or our laptop far enough from the Wi-Fi router, then our gadget will have trouble to catch the Wi-Fi signal.  Another example, if we are in a certain room, where there are some separators that separate us from the Wi-Fi transmitter, then our gadgets will also have difficulty getting the Wi-Fi signal.  To solve this problem, we can use this latest gear called Wi-Fi repeater.  This latest gear usually shaped like a box with antennas.   At least there are 2 antennas (some types aren’t equipped with antennas). More about the Wi-Fi repeater, it functions and how it works will be explained below.

Wi-Fi Repeater

Wi-Fi repeater is a device that have a function to receive signals that contain data in a network.  By using a Wi-Fi repeater, the network range will be wider.  The Wi-Fi repeater receives a signal and then re-emits that signal, but in a different way.  Usually Wi-Fi repeater retransmit the signal in a different frequency from the original signal frequency.  Because of its main function, which is to expand the range of Wi-Fi networks, this latest gear is often called as a Wi-Fi extender. In addition, because it also functions as a signal amplifier, sometimes people and network technicians also often call it as Wi-Fi boosters.  So if you find the term on the market, you don’t need to be confused.  Because everything refers to the same device, the Wi-Fi repeater.

Repeaters themselves have several types, telephone repeater, optical communications repeater, and radio repeater. Each repeater has it own specific function.  The repeater that you use as Wi-Fi repeater, the latest gear, is the radio repeater.  This type of repeater, has functions to strengthen the radio signal.  Usually, this type of repeater has one antenna.  The antenna has functions as receiver and transmitter. This type of repeater will change the signal frequency that it receives before re-transmitting. The signal emitted by the repeater will be able to penetrate the object barrier.  Radio repeater has many types, there are broadcast relay stations, microwave relays, passive repeaters, cellular repeaters, and digipater.  The latest gear, Wi-Fi repeater, using this repeater to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal.


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